Personal Details

Mr. Thomas Plumpton

2nd March 1997

White British



Full, Clean Driving License

Home Address

Home Town

United Kingdom.

Computer Hardware

I love computer hardware, especially the expensive stuff! I've spent years, slowly upgrading my custom desktop, funded by my part-time work. Not only is a killer gaming rig, it effortlessly provides the ultimate workstation experience for maximum productivity and work efficiency.


Intel i7 5820K @ 3.6GHz
EVGA GTX1080 FE (x2 in SLI)
64GB Corsair Vengeance 2400MHz
Asus X99-A Motherboard
Corsair H100i GTX v2
Corsair AF540 ATX Case
Samsung 840 Evo Sata SSD
Samsung 960 Evo M.2 NVMe SSD
3TB Segate Barracuda HDD
LG 34UC88 3440x1440 21:9


Dell XPS 15 (9560)
Intel i7 7700HQ @ 3.2GHz
Nvidia Geforce GTX1050
3840x2160 Infinity Edge Display
Windows 10 Home - 64bit
Fully Backlit Keyboard


Razer Deathadder Chroma Mouse
Razer Blackwidow Keyboard
Razer Gloiathus Extended Mat
Razer Hammerhead BT Earphones
Razer Sabertooth Xbox Controller
Logitech G920 Driving Force Set
Audio Technica AT2020 Mic
Synology DS216play NAS Drive

Audio & Hi-Fi

Fronts: Mission M31i's
Rears: B&W Solid Monitors
Center: Jamo Center
Denon AVC3020 Amplifier
Yamaha YSTFSW050 Subwoofer
Sony DVPS735D DTS 5.1 CD Player
Audio Technica ATLP120 Turntable
Ibanez AEW23ZW Acoustic Guitar
Sony WH1000-MX2 Headphones

Graphic Design

I was introduced to graphic design and photo-manipulation during high-school. I'd play about with images from video games and edit them in Microsoft Paint. After following tutorials online, I downloaded GIMP (GNU Image Manipluation Program), a free image editing software. GCSE Information Technology introduced me to the Adobe Create Suite. This is when I discovered Photoshop & Illustrator.

Brand Evolution

Starting back in high-school with 'ThePhotoFXPert', my personal brand design changed several times. This alias saw me through the most progression as I'd started to use Maxon Cinema 4D for creating 3D renders. I produced graphics for people online and won graphic design contests. A few years later I attempted to re-brand to 'ProfoundGraphics' and 'ZettaGraphics', but finally settled on 'TomPlumDesigns' as I grew older and matured.


TomPlumDesigns Responsiveness

This is my final brand. TomPlumDesigns isn't a legitimate business per-se. I simply do it in my free time because I enjoy it. Freelance work can bring in money every now and then, but I don't pursue it.

You can view a gallery of some of my past work here. The site I developed in WordPress and is an on-going project that may or may not be completed in the future

Gym & Lifestyle

January of 2015. I made what was probably the biggest and best change I've ever made.

Attending the Gym

I started going to the gym. It started as just casual weight training, but a few months in, I was hooked. Not only was I becoming physically fitter and stronger, I started correcting my diet to aid my lifting. This ultimately bettered my mental health, so I was less stressed at work and university. I drank mostly water, less rubbish, so my dental health increased. It literally changed my life, for the better!

Fitness & Diet

MyFitnessPal Logo

I then started taking the weight training seriously and began cutting and bulking through the seasons. Below is my body-weight over time during that period, data from MyFitnessPal.




I love music. I practice the acoustic guitar in my free time, collect vinyl, listen to music a lot and love Ed Sheeran.

Ed Sheeran - Perfect (Acoustic Fingerstyle Cover)

Arranged by Mattias Krantz

Favourite Artists

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran Album Art (Plus)Ed Sheeran Album Art (Multiply)Ed Sheeran Album Art (Divide)Songs I Wrote with Amy EP Album ArtLoose Change EP Album ArtYou Need Me EP

Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters Album ArtEchoes, Silence, Patience & Grace Album ArtWasting Light Album ArtSonic Highways Album ArtConcrete & Gold Album ArtOne by One Album Art