University of Bolton

Computing (BSc) Undergraduate

First Class (Honours)

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Course Representative

I was nominated and selected as the individual to represent the student voice for the Computing course.

Governors Award (Year 2)

The University's Board of Governors awarded me a cash prize for demonstrating academic excellence and considerable effort throughout the year.

Governors Award (Year 3)

At the graduation ceremony I received an honourable mention and was awarded the Governor’s Prize Final Assessment Highest Academic Achievement, and another cheque!

Rochdale Sixth Form College


SubjectExamining BodyGrade
ICT / Computer ScienceWJECA
Media Studies (AS)WJECC

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Enrichment Classes

The Apprentice

This enrichment pitched teams of two together to create and design a new cereal brand. This involved market and brand research, graphic design & marketing and presenting our new cereal to a panel of judges.

Myself and my partner achieved 1st Place and were awarded a voucher.


Introduction to the basics of programming. We were introduced to HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript. Provided a good understanding of the basics of program flow, decision algorithms and looping.

I also looked further into SQL Commands as I was using it for one of my assignments in my Computer Science A-Level which involved creating a database in Microsoft Access.

Working With The Disabled

This enrichment lectured me on what its like to work with and care for people with disabilities. It debunked certain negative stereotypes associated with the disabled and provided a useful insight into the life of someone who is born with life changing disablities.

We also played games with them and experienced what it was like first-hand.

Graphic Design

This class involved using programs from the Adobe Creative Suite. Specifically Photoshop & Illustrator. We learned the basic of the popular tools. Such as marquee, pen, shape, selection, gradient etc. We covered techiques such as layering, masking, filters, adjustment layers etc.

Film Appreciation

I picked film appreciation to help facilitate my first-year AS Level Media Studies. We watched a certain genre of film and had to answer questions similar to those as the Media Studies exam. This helped better my knowledge of techniques used in film-making.

Ultimate Quiz

Ultimate Quiz is quite self-explanatory. We got together in teams, and had a quiz-off. Each week we would have a different quiz that had varying categories and we would record the scores. This class simply helped broaded my general knowledge.

Greater Manchester Police

One Punch Can Kill Campaign

Myself and select other few from Rochdale Sixth Form College were asked to design a poster by the GMP on a campaign called ‘One Punch Can Kill’. We also helped produce a video to raise awareness about drunken related deaths due to ‘One Punch’. The poster can be seen here.

Prospectus Photoshoot

Computer Science

I was among the top 1% in Computer Science for my grades and was asked to participate in a professional photoshoot for the college prospectus. I was featured on the Computer Science page. The picture can be seen here.

Oulder Hill Community School

GCSE / O-Level's

SubjectExamining BodyGrade
Resistant MaterialsAQAA
Additional ScienceEdexcelB
Core ScienceEdexcelB
English LiteratureOCRC
English LanguageOCRC

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Achievements, Extra-Curricular & Voluntary

The Power of 2

A voluntary activity in which top set Mathematics students from Oulder Hill Community School would take part in teaching those in lower years, who needed help with their mathematics studies. I took part in this during my final year of high school.

Excellence Evening

Invited to the Oulder Hill ‘Excellence Evening’ to collect a medal and a certificate for Outstanding Performance in my GCSE Option ‘Design & Technology: Resistant Materials’. Achieved a grade A.

Voluntary Work

Voluntary work at Oulder Hill Community School for Fair Trade, this involved selling assorted goods to other pupils and teachers via a stall during my free time in order to raise money.

The Apprentice

The Oulder Hill Apprentice was an extra-curricular activity available to students in Year 10. It consisted of teams of five and several round with varying tasks. Such tasks included;

  • Group Fund Raising - Introductary Task
  • Graphic Design - School Presentation Template
  • Video Production & Editing - Advertise School Department
  • Working withMOSI- Creating An Exhibition
  • Community Training Centre - Business Presentation

The final round was every man for himself. I got 1st place and recieved a cash prize from the board of governors.

Oulder Hill Community & Training Centre

Following the Oulder Hill Apprentice, I was asked to design a new logo for the OH-CAT (Oulder Hill Community & Training Centre) which replaced the Sixth Form. My logo was adopted and can be seen on theschool website, newspapers and printed on a sign in the car park.

Oulder Hill Community & Training Centre