Module Overview

Semester 1

CPU6000Professional Issues in ComputingAmanda Dewhurst
CPU6001Major ProjectAmanda Dewhurst
CPU6007Advanced Database SystemsAndrew Parker

Semester 2

CPU6001Major ProjectAmanda Dewhurst
CPU6008Software EngineeringAndrew Parker
CPU6013Web App Project DevelopmentBren Tighe


Professional Issues in Computing

This module aimed to make it clear what it means to be a professional, and how one becomes an IT/Computing Professional after graduating with a Computing degree. We had several guest lectures, regarding CV Writing, Health & Safety, Setting up Businesses, Personal Branding and a Careers Fair.

Assignment 1

The first assignment was a group presentation centered around a field of our choice, and any professional issues associated. Our chosen topic was Technology in the Health Sector. Thanks to Mark, Louis & Shapla for their excellent presentation.

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Assignment 2

The second part of the assignment was an individual report on a narrower topic with our chosen one for the presentation. My report was titled "How has Technology Influenced the Health Sector?". My research covered the History, Advancements, Legality & My Experience.

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Individual Report



Major Project

This module is a continuation from Level 2 Project from Year 2. It spans across both semesters in Year 3 and is worth double credits. I decided to keep my project ideas from the second year and continue to develop it for my final project.

Assignment 1

This assignment was a Terms of Reference. It details the Project Title, Background & Overview, Objectives, Constraints and Resources. It was reviewed by our assigned project supervisor and approved.

Terms of Reference


Project Plan


Assignment 2

The second assignment was a Literature Review. It's purpose was to establish a theoretical framework for my chosen topic. I documented my Approach & Methods, Research Findings and Evaluation & Reflection.

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Literature Review



Advanced Database Systems

This module is essentially a continuation from Database Theory & Practice in Year 2. We covered Advanced SQL & Functions, Triggers, Indexes, Transactions, Connectivity, Distributed Databases, Object-Orientated Databases, Data Warehousing and Online Analytical Proecssing (OLAP).


The assignment had us design and create a database for a case study on the university accommodation office. We had to create a number of queries that demonstrated that our database functioned as needed. A report was produced to document this.

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Case Study Briefing



The exam for this module was a seen exam, meaning we received the paper 4 weeks in advance. However, the marking was very strict. The paper tested our knowledge of DDBMS, OODBMS, Data Mining, OLAP & Transactions.


Exam Paper


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Major Project


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Software Engineering

This module split our class into groups of 7 or 8 software engineering teams. We were joined by several erasmus exchange students from Stuttgart, Germany. We each were given a case study in which the teams had to develop a piece of software to meet the customers requirements. We had free roam to use any languages, frameworks and development environment.

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What Did I Learn?


Web Application Project Development

This module, as the name suggests, had us develop a web application. We worked with a local company who wanted to create a web application to create wills online. They suggested several PHP/Laravel frameworks such as OctoberCMS, Drupal and Django. I, however, decided to stick with my trusty NodeJS as there was lots of functionality to develop in a short time.

Software Requirements Specification (SRS)

The first half of the assignment marks were for our SRS. This was a very extensive document outlining the overall description, specific requirements, UI mockups etc. We also worked as a class to produce BPMN (Business Process Mapping Notation) diagrams.

SRS Report


Supporting Documentation


Developing the Application

I developed the application myself, from the ground-up, using NodeJS, ExpressJS and a MySQL Database.

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Video Demonstration

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Application Code Base

GitHub Repo

Year 3


The final year was favourite of the three. At this stage we all knew the score. Albeit, it was the most challenging year, both technically and mentally, but the hardwork paid off as we neared the end. The major-project was an interesting module as we could pick and create anything we liked, meaning we all had completely different outcomes by the end of the year. It was nice to see the end of education (for now... masters?) and finally get to work!


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